Steamboat Wharf Nantucket, MA

Activities for a Nantucket Summer Trip

A view of Nantucket from the harbor

Nantucket is one of the most pleasant places to take a trip in North America. The small island off the coast of Massachusetts has such a variety of activities to offer those who choose to visit in the warm weather months. Here are just a few suggestions of things to do during your summer trip to Nantucket:

Look Around

Nantucket is known for, among other things, its beautiful and historic architecture. Some buildings on the island date back to the 17th century, while hundreds of homes predate the Civil War. Many of these have been restored to their original condition. The island was meticulously planned so there’s a common style to many of the historic homes that you’ll likely pick up on right away.

Head to the Beach

There is no shortage of beach options in Nantucket. All of the water is open to the public and the island is surrounded by beautiful beaches. No matter what kind of beach atmosphere you’re looking for – family friendly, swimming, surfing – you’re likely to find it in Nantucket.

Go Fishing

Since it is an island, there are plenty of fishing opportunities in Nantucket. Eel Point, Cisco Beach and Coatue Wildlife Refuge are some of the most popular fishing spots on the island. There are a wide variety of species available, and some fairly large fish make it close to shore. If you’re looking to venture out a bit further, you could always book a deep sea fishing charter, of which there are many.

Rent Some Bikes

Nantucket is small enough that you can explore all of it via bicycle. You can get some good exercise while checking out the sites, riding to the beach, rolling back and forth from dinner and generally going wherever you want easily.

If you’re looking to rent a bike for your summer trip, Nantucket Bike Shop has got you covered. We have a wide selection of bicycles for children and adults alike. Call 508-228-1999 to reserve your ride today.

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