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Benefits of Renting a Fat Bike

Fat bike with sunset behind it

If you have an upcoming trip and are considering renting a bike to travel around town, choose a fat bike. Fat bikes have several benefits over traditional bikes, and because of their larger tires, can travel on bike trails or off trail with ease.  

These bikes are extremely comfortable as well, so you won’t have to feel every bump in the road, and they are great at riding through sand if your vacation finds you in a beach town.

No matter what type of bike riding you’ll be partaking in on your upcoming vacation, you’ll be sure to enjoy traveling around on a fat bike.

They’re comfortable

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a fat bike is the comfort it provides. With its large tires, this bike will be able to ride over nearly any terrain with ease. You won’t have the added stress of feeling every bump or stone in the road or having to swerve out of the way of smaller rocks and debris.

They’re versatile

Another benefit of a fat bike is the versatility it offers. As mentioned above, this bike’s tires allow it to roll over all types of ground without trouble. Whether you want to travel on paved bike paths and streets or go off the beaten path, a fat bike will leave you worry free on nearly any type of ground.

It’s fat tires also provide precise stopping power in all weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for those rainy days.

They’re perfect for sand

If you’re traveling to an area that is known for its beaches, a fat bike will give you the added benefit of being able to ride over sand with ease. These bikes are made for sand and allow you to effortlessly travel while taking in all the amazing views the beach has to offer.

Should you be planning a trip to Nantucket, MA in the near future and would like to rent a fat bike to get around town with ease, we ask that you reach out to us at Nantucket Bike Shop.

We offer fat bikes for rent at affordable rates and will make sure you are getting something you’ll enjoy. Give us a call at 508-228-1999 today to make your reservation!

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