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Benefits of Renting a Scooter While on Vacation

When planning your vacation there are many things to take into consideration. Whether it be the local attractions you’ll be exploring, the restaurants you’ll be dining at or the hotel you’ll be staying in, it may feel overwhelming figuring everything out.

If you’re in the process of getting your trip planned out and also need a mode of transportation, take away the stress of planning one task by choosing a scooter rental. Renting a scooter will provide you with an easy and affordable way to get around town and will be something the entire family will enjoy.

Before you head out on your vacation, make sure to learn more about the scooter rentals that are available at your destination for a fun activity your family will talk about for years to come.

Scooters in a row

They’re an affordable way to get around

One major benefit of renting a scooter on vacation is its affordability. Most scooters can be rented at a fraction of the price of renting a car, and they will also save you a good amount of money compared to taking taxis or ride sharing services around town.

No matter if you need one scooter for yourself, or a few for the whole family, your wallet will thank you.  

You’ll get from place to place with ease

Another advantage of renting a scooter is having the ability to travel around your destination with ease. Instead of waiting around for your taxi or ride share to come pick you up, you can just hop on your scooter and go.

It is also much easier to park a scooter (compared with a rental car), so you won’t have to keep taking laps around the parking lot looking for a space.

Most scooters are able to move at quick speeds as well and will be able to take you around the entire vacation destination without worry.

They’re fun for the whole family

The biggest benefit of renting a scooter is the fun you will have on it. You and your family will be able to easily travel with the sun shining down on you and the wind blowing through your hair. Scooters provide a speedy and fun way to get around and will make traveling to local attractions, restaurants and more a true adventure.

If you have an upcoming vacation in Nantucket, MA and want to rent a scooter during your stay, we ask that you think of us at Nantucket Bike Shop.

We offer a selection of scooters for rent at our shop, including the Kymco agility single seat and the two-person Lance scooter. Our friendly staff will be happy to find the scooter(s) that fit your family’s needs. Give us a call today at 1-800-770-3088 or request a scooter here.

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