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Helpful Tips for Riding a Bike on a Sandy Beach

Bikes on BeachIf you’re used to cycling on the road, it can take some time to get used to riding a bike on the beach. Your ride might be a little bumpier as your tires struggle to grip the loose surface, and you may find that your steering is a bit more wobbly than usual. Fortunately, with these helpful tips, you can enjoy riding on the beach with ease!

Choose the Right Bike

A fat bike, which has oversized rims and tires, is typically the best choice for riding through sand. The extra surface area afforded by a fat bike’s large tires can make riding through loose sand much easier.

Stick to Low Gears

This might be challenging at first, but lower gears combined with wide tires will give you the torque you need to keep your rear wheel from getting bogged down in sand.

Shift and Brake Less Often

The more you shift and brake, the more you’ll break your riding rhythm as your wheels dig into the sand. The one exception is when you’re riding downhill, since you’ll have enough momentum to carry you forward even when braking. Try to accelerate and decelerate gradually to avoid the need for shifting and braking.

Lean Back

Sit back in the saddle and center your weight over the rear of the bike. Avoid hunching forward, which can dig the front wheel into the sand and interfere with your steering.

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