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Biking to Work: Tips on How to Prepare for the Commute

A desk job can be tough. The work day can leave you feeling sluggish and tired. Why not add some pep to your step by riding your bike to work? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Biking to Work: Tips on How to Prepare for the Commute Plan Ahead

It’s always good to map your route before you head out of the house. A prepared bicyclist knows the distance and expected traffic volume of their chosen path. If your work day starts early or if you know the streets you travel get backed up or busy at a certain time of day, allow extra travel time for yourself in the morning.

Choose Appropriate Clothing

Riding a bike takes a fair amount of physical exertion. If you’re worried about working up a sweat and staining your designer work duds, pack an extra set of clothing for yourself. Wear something light and breathable while you ride that will wick away sweat before it starts to build up. Once you get to work, you can do a quick change into your professional attire.

Exercise Proper Road Etiquette

Motorists can be unpredictable, so it’s always good to be aware of your surroundings. Look out for lane markings and read up on the rules of the road. Be courteous by signaling before you change lanes. Another tip: limit the amount of gear you’re carrying with you by ditching the messenger bag for a pannier.

Traveling can be hectic, but your commute to work doesn’t have to be. Maybe you’ve been thinking about making a healthy lifestyle change, but don’t know where to start. Start by renting! Nantucket Bike Shop offers rentals for the active, working adult. Peruse our page to check out the types of bikes we have to offer.

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