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Get Out and Ride During Family Fun Month

With August being Family Fun Month, what better way to get out and enjoy some time with your loved ones than on a nice bike ride through Nantucket? If you’re looking to go for a ride but are in need some bikes to get around, Nantucket Bike Shop has got everything you’ll need.

Family Fun MonthWhen you are planning to come up for a bike ride, give us a call prior as this will allow us to size the bikes to fit you and your family perfectly for your trip. This will also shorten the amount of time you will have to spend at the shop, as your bikes will be ready for you upon your arrival and you won’t have any delays while we set you up with the best bikes. Upon your call to us, we will also be able to give you a quote for a family bike rental rate, allowing you to budget better and not be surprised by a price when you come into the store. Planning a trip for three days or longer? Even better, we’ll bring the bikes to you, wherever you’re staying, at no additional charge!

Now as an adult, you know how to ride a bike, so only one type bike is required for you to go on a ride. Kids, on the other hand, vary in skill level, which why we here at Nantucket Bike Shop offer numerous types of children’s bikes so your little one will enjoy their ride. If they are just learning to bike or aren’t comfortable with only two wheels yet, we have bikes with training wheels. We also offer tandem bikes, you so you only have to worry about keep your eye on one bike instead of two. We also have kid-sized standard bikes for children who are all set to roll by themselves.

Nantucket Bike Shop offers bike rentals that will allow you and your family to get out and have fun exploring beautiful Nantucket Island. For more information on family bike rentals, the perfect way to spend the waning days of summer before the start of the new school year! Call us today at 800-770-3088!

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