Steamboat Wharf Nantucket, MA

Take the Whole Gang for a Ride

Bike RidesThere are few things as fun and leisurely as a long bike ride with a large group of your closest companions. Whether you are going out with a group of your best friends, taking a ride with your spouse and children, or are planning a getaway as a group of couples, nothing beats the exciting aspects of a group bike ride.

At Nantucket Bike Shop, we offer affordable group rates that are perfect for just these occasions. The best part is that is so easy to set up these rides. All you have to do is inform us before your group arrives in Nantucket and we will have your bikes ready for you and we’ll even outfit them with baskets, helmets and anything else you might need.

Of course, getting your bikes is just part of the adventure. There are lots of amazing sights to see during your bike ride. There are many family-friendly bike trails spread all across the island, including short paths for quick rides and longer paths for more involved adventures. If sand is your thing, your group can also take your bikes along some of our fabulous beaches, although we recommend our Fat Bikes for rides on the beach!

Group rides provide all sorts of fun for groups of all ages and sizes. A group ride is the perfect opportunity for loving couples to get some romantic time together or to take a large family or friends to the trails, giving you an unbeatable way to explore the island and bond. Plus, riding bikes is an excellent way to stay active while you are on vacation! What other travel activities provide that?

All of our bikes are from leading manufacturers, and we offer bikes to suit every size and age. Plus, our bikes are outfitted with thick puncture-resistant tires so you and your group can ride without worrying about a thing!

Without a doubt, Nantucket Bike Shop is the place to go for bikes when you’re in Nantucket Island. Give us a call at 800-770-3088 and reserve your bikes today!


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