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Kid-Friendly Summer Activities to do in Nantucket

A child in a helmet rides a blue bike on a sunny day

Nantucket is on the short list of the very best places to take your family on a summer vacation. One of the strongest selling points for the island is the many activities available for children as well as adults. You’ll have no trouble finding something for your whole family to do together no matter how old or young your children are. Here are some examples of things to do with your kids this summer on Nantucket:

Go to The Beach

As an island, Nantucket is literally surrounded by beaches and all the water is open to the public. The beaches are gorgeous and well-maintained. There are family friendly beaches and ones that are more dedicated to swimming and surfing. There is even a children’s beach open through the summer, featuring music on Sundays and puppet shows on Saturdays. There’s a café that serves breakfast in the morning and snacks all day, including soft serve ice cream. There’s also a park featuring a playground.

Visit the Aquarium

The Maria Mitchell Aquarium is located on the shoreline of the Nantucket Harbor. It displays some of the local aquatic life, making it an excellent place for children and adults alike to learn more about the sea life that surrounds the island. There are many programs held throughout the summer, including discovery camps for children of all ages.

Check out The Atheneum

The Atheneum is Nantucket’s library, but it’s so much more than that. Located in the middle of town, the Atheneum features large Greek columns, making it hard to miss. Kids can enjoy the children’s book room and a full calendar of events throughout the summer.

Rent Bikes

One of the best parts of visiting Nantucket is beholding the natural beauty and stunning architecture that’s present nearly everywhere on the island. Renting bikes is an efficient way to see more of both, all while getting exercise and fresh air with the family.

If you’re looking to rent a bike for your summer trip, Nantucket Bike Shop has got you covered. We have a wide selection of bicycles for children and adults alike. Call 508-228-1999 to reserve your ride today.

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