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NYC Will Redesign Intersections to Make Them More Bike-Friendly

There are more than 1,000 miles of bike lanes in New York City, according to Curbed, making it one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. Furthermore, the Department of Transportation is adding about 50 miles to that total every year. But despite these efforts, cycling in The Big Apple can still be a dangerous endeavor. In 2017 alone, nearly 4,440 cyclists were injured and 25 cyclists were killed in car accidents in New York.

That’s why the DOT has developed a plan to redesign many of the city’s intersections, which is where almost 90 percent of bike collisions take place.

NYC IntersectionThe DOT recently published a report called “Cycling at a Crossroads: The Design Future of New York City Intersections” that describes how they plan to improve intersections in NYC. Their goals are to increase visibility for both drivers and cyclists, clarify who has the right of way and encourage drivers and cyclists to slow down while making turns.

Finding ways to make intersections safer in the congested streets of New York City isn’t going to be easy, but the DOT has already begun implementing a few of its ideas. Officials have introduced “Mixing Zone” intersections in some parts of the city, which call for cars and bikes to share a turning lane. They’ve also introduced “Fully Split Phase” intersections that provide drivers and cyclists with their own traffic signals to avoid confusion over who has the right of way.

These approaches have already brought accidents down by as much as 54 percent in some instances.

Soon, the DOT will begin testing even more innovative approaches to intersection design as well. If their efforts are successful, these bike-friendly intersections could serve as great examples for other cities to adopt in the future.

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