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Tips for Winterizing Your Bike This Season

Riding a bike in the winter can be challenging, but it’s not impossible as long as you take the time to properly prepare your bike. Lubricating your bike chain will become more important than ever when you ride regularly in the winter, but there are a few other winterizing steps you should also take to ensure your ride is ready for any obstacles you might encounter. Check out these winterizing tips below!

Choose the right tires.

Tips for Winterizing Your Bike This Season

The tires you ride on in the spring and summer probably aren’t going to cut it in the winter. Consider either studded tires or tires with winter treads to maintain a steady grip on wet, slippery surfaces. You should also be mindful of your tire pressure in the winter. It’s usually best to set your tire pressure at the lower end of the acceptable spectrum since it will allow your tires to get better traction.

Add a set of fenders.

Fenders will prevent you from spraying snow, ice, and water up your back when you ride, so these accessories are downright essential in the winter. If you don’t want to bother with full-coverage fenders, consider going with clip-on fenders that you can easily remove and clean if they get packed with snow.

Don’t forget your lights.

It’s important to keep lights on your bike in the winter since there’s always a chance you could get caught out after dark. Keep in mind that their batteries will deplete faster in cold weather, so bring your lights inside with you after you’re done riding. This way, your lights won’t die on you when you need them most.

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