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Bike Tire Maintenance Tips

bike maintenance Maintaining your tire pressure is crucial on so many levels. Not only does proper maintenance protect your safety while riding, it also protects you bicycle and its components. Putting you in better control and protecting everything on your bike from the rims to the frame, properly maintained tires are essential for protecting your investment.



Too little air in your tires can lead to compression cuts from bottoming out the tire on the rim. These thin slits (sometimes two parallel slits) run lengthwise along the tube. And when you blow your tire- especially your front tire- when riding your bike you risk losing control and even flying head over heels. Low tire pressure also causes rolling resistance, making you pedal harder to go the same speed.

Also since air cushions your bike’s components, low tire pressure accelerates wear and tear on your frame, fork and wheels. Under normal circumstance, your bolted components are protected from every bump in the road. But when there simply isn’t enough air to protect these components from potholes, curbs and bumps, they are put under stress. Bolts come undone and lines loosen, not to mention rims become warped and damaged.

Run your tires at the pressure rating listed on the sidewall of the tire. Also, because nearly all bikes are now equipped with special “quick-release” devices, making installation and maintenance much easier. But they can be a source of major trouble if improperly used, so make sure they are securely latched back in place after removal. Also when placing your tires back on your bike, make sure the tread is in the proper direction.

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