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Specialized Hard Rock Perfect for New Bikers

specializedThe Specialized Hard Rock mountain bike is the perfect entry level bike for casual riders to buy or rent. Given the price tag, it is the perfect option for those on the fence about getting into mountain biking. Better yet, plenty of bicycle dealers and rental companies offer daily, weekly or monthly renting options. The first impression the bike has on the rider is confidence, given its integrated wheel-frame design. This is especially important for newer riders trying to build their confidence riding a bike frame.
The Specialized Hard Rock is also a great frame for keeping speed momentum, not requiring the rider to pedal as much. This is crucial for maintaining stamina- important for those who might not be in the best of shape. Moreover, it’s also a very safe bike because, in addition to remarkable stability the Hard Rock is also built with disc brakes (as oppose to traditional linear pull rim brakes) for quick stopping in muddy or rainy conditions.


  • 29″ wheels
  • Stability with seamless rollover ability (curbs, rocks, debris, etc)
  • Holds speed momentum
  • Frame engineered around wheels
  • Frame and wheels work together
  • Optimum geometry
  • Shorter top tube for better uprightness
  • Lower bottom bracket for lower center of gravity


  • A1 aluminum light
  • stiff
  • doesn’t rust

Disk brakes allow more reliable stopping in wet and muddy conditions

29″ wheels feature flak jacket protection and with a fast trak design
Rack and fender mounts for cargo
Body geometry touch points are optimally engineered
Grips protect your hands from going numb
Saddle is designed for maximum comfort for longer rides

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