Steamboat Wharf Nantucket, MA

Get a Unique View on a Mountain Bike

With summer just around the corner, people will be heading out to take part in more outdoor activities. Hiking is one great choice for many people, but unfortunately it doesn’t let you really see all of the beauty Nantucket has to offer. If you want to get out and really see the area, then you might want to try mountain biking.

Specialized Hardrock BikeNantucket has numerous single-track trails that run across the island that are perfect for mountain biking. These would allow many who haven’t fully explored the island before to experience the area like never before. There is so much to see in Nantucket, and by taking a trip off the main trails and into the region’s woods and hillier terrain, you can truly experience some of the most beautiful and unique places on the island.

Just think about all of the beautiful nature you have been missing out on! All you need is a mountain bike and you would be able to zip around and see it all.

If this sounds like something you want to do, and you just need a mountain bike, Nantucket Bike Shop has got you covered. We offer Specialized Hardrock Bikes for rent that are the perfect option for riding the trails. These bikes feature an aluminum body that will be able to take a tough beating while you bike through the dirt trails on Nantucket.

Another great aspect about these bikes is that they are also great on bike trails, too, so after if you decide to take a ride around town before or after hitting the trails, you won’t have to change bikes, you can just keep pedaling.

Nantucket Bike Shop offers adult and children’s bike rentals, as well as scooter rentals, for anyone looking to either explore Nantucket or to simply take a ride around town. For more information on our bikes or to rent one for yourself, call us today at 800-770-3088!

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